Alene Davis Photography

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Ponytail Falls
Blossom Bokeh
Moonbow Night @ Lower Yosemite Falls
Musical Forest
Tulip Dried
Just the Green
Water Marbles
Blossom Twiggy
Orange Lily Abstract
Canon Beach Rocks
Red-Headed Moth
Soft at Heart
Tulip Farm
Beach Combing
Tree from the Land of the Lorax
Seagull in the Strong Winter Wind
Family Time at Sunset
Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain
Red Japanese Maple
Tulips Dying
Sea Stars
Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain Detail
Orange Lily Backlit
I'm a Good Dog, Right??
Cool Droplets
Ethereal Shore
Shiny Winter Beach
Maple Tree
Beach Log in Surf 2
Soft Husk Warm
Costa Rican Row Boat
Portland Fireworks
Bryce Point
Waterfall Rainbow
Moss Falls
Soft Heart
City Under Fire(works)
Wood Ant
Portland at Night
Portland Fireworks
Tamanawas Falls
Skeleton Pines
Softly Wet
Zion Virgin River Narrows Glow
Vegas Reflections
Yosemite Spring
Wahclella Falls
Contented Feet
Yaquina Bridge
Trillium Lake Dusk
Farmer's Milky Way
Coastal Morning
Trillium Lake
Milky Way
Fishy Bro
Down Into the Sky
Forest Southern Milky Way
Trillium Lake Reflecting Stars
Star Tracks
Rainbow God Rays
Still Creek
On Golden Beach
Witches Hair in Autumn Tree
Jurassic Park
Another Universe
Trillium Lake Boulders
CLSB by Night B&W
Snowy Road
Brilliance in the Deep
Beach Rivulets
Half Dome Blue Hour
PDX Fireworks Purple Orange
Sunflower Bright
On the Road
Still Creek B&W
Trillium Tranquility
Sea & Sky
Forest for the Trees
Gothic Color
Under Marquam
Moody Wild Flowers
Mt. Hood Night Cairns
Willamette River Night Beach
What Stars?
Trillium Lake Dusk
Lost Lake Soft Dusk
Mt Hood Dark Clouds
Mt. Hood Bolt
Under a Working Moon
Cascade Reflections
Cape Kiwanda Low Tide
Pacific City Sunset
Kiwanda Blues
Snowy Peak
Mt. Hood Alpenglow
Frost Spikes on Icy Leaf
Ice Aprons
Snow Berries
Norm Triptych
Tree Farm in Winter
Horses in High-Key Field
Winter Pampas
Moovelous Wind Turbines
Little Icicle Melting
Portland Infrastructure at Sunset
Electric Moos
Pastel Pampas
Frankie Fractalius
Koi Skelly
Electric Moos
Four Square White Textures
Chief Kiwanda
Moody Forest
Trillium in the Forest
winter field softly
Alley of Trees
Portland Skyline from Skoutes Tower Skinny
high key beach detail
Downtown Portland Panorama
Spider in Black
Mushroom Row
City Waterfalls
Japanese Garden Falls B&W
Daydream Forest
Trillium Beaver Tree
Star Trails Transmission
Trillium Cloudy Stars
Trillium Lake Clouded Night Sky